Monday, November 18, 2013

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is: An Affordable, Comprehensive Work Readiness and Customer Service Training Program

I have long been a proponent of competency-based workplace training.  For example, the training program needs to result in employees that will get to work on time, not employees that know they should get to work on time, but do not get to work on time.  Therefore, demonstrated competencies are a better indicator than answering a correct question on a certification test.  In fact, the certification test is really just the vehicle to hold employees accountable from day one after training, while the demonstrated competencies are the indicator for what can be expected in the workplace.

I also believe that work readiness training needs to inform the participants not only what is expected of them, but why specific behaviors and skills are valued by employers; and needs to use real world examples to help illustrate key points.

In addition, the participants need to have materials they can keep after the training program to use as reference materials as they enter or grow in the workplace. And those materials need to be customized to remind each individual what he or she personally needs to be careful to avoid; and what each individual personally needs to work on.

In the past I charged significant consulting fees developing programs that used multiple reference materials that have not always met my criteria as much as I would like.

That is no longer the case.  I have my own comprehensive work readiness and customer service program.  It meets all of the criteria I have outlined here and more.

First, the program is very affordable, so that it can be implemented by financially-challenged venues.  In fact, a venue can choose to move ahead purchasing only instructor and classroom books.  No program development or consulting fees.  And yes, there is information in the instructor book and on my web site to help venues turn the books into competency-based training programs. 

Of course, a venue can purchase a comprehensive program from my company to obtain discounts on the classroom books and PowerPoint presentations for the instructors.  Program fees are very reasonable because the goal is for venues teaching the program to allow participants to fill out their personal worksheets in their classroom book, and then keep the book as a reference tool as they enter or grow in the workplace.

FYI - The instructor book includes: lecture content, in-class exercises, individual worksheets for participants; assessment tests with an answer key in the back of the book; competency statements with competency tracking forms; key concept review points to use in a question and answer session with participants at the end of each major section (workplace basics, workplace skills, people skills, customer service) which underscores what the participants should have learned from each section; and eight scenarios where things go right and things go wrong that can be used as read and discuss exercises, or the basis for a certification/final test.
Please visit to find out more about the books and the program, and to find out how to get a limited time discount code (through the end of 2013) for the instructor book which allows training venues and businesses to purchase the book for $10 plus shipping so they can evaluate it and determine how (if) they want to proceed.  Worst case, the instructor book will be a valuable additional resource for any instructor or trainer teaching work readiness and/or customer service.  The table of contents for the instructor book can be viewed at the web page (